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The diva in my life

If you are a guy, go ahead and stop reading.  Seriously.  Stop.

It took me three months to work up the nerve to use the Diva once I bought it.  Each month, I would take it out of the little purple pouch and contemplate my readiness for this new venture.  Then I would quietly put it back into the little purple pouch.  Now I’m several months into the experience.  Let me say this:  It was only my love for the environment that kept me on the diva path.  I added up the cost savings of not buying tampons and well, it wasn’t super significant.  It isn’t that the diva is horrible.  No.  But the learning curve was steeper than I expected.  And I was mightily skittish about the process.  My imagination sometimes gets a little out of control.  I had a few vivid images involving my uterus and suction dancing in my head.  The first time, I had to call a friend to talk me through it (ok, more than just the first time).  Still, each month, I feel a little more comfortable using it.  Really, it isn’t bad.  Sorry about that image of suction.        

The diva:  one more tiny way to decrease my footprint and lower the amount of chemicals entering my body.  Check that one off my list. 

I was also excited to see a full page diva ad in Scott’s Outside magazine.



hiking-with-norah-011208-010.jpgI was in Chicago this weekend (my first time away from Norah).  Scott and the Bean jumped at the chance for daddy/daughter adventure which, of course, means hiking.  Norah rode in the backpack for the ascent but she chose to walk back down the trail which tripled their time.  Scott says she stopped to hug trees all the way.  “Nice tree.  Hug it.  Kiss it. Love it.”  Is anyone surprised?

My Chicago trip included much late night giggling with my sister, some daddy/daughter adventure of my own, and opportunities to annoy my new brother-in-law (and boot him out of his bed so Noelle and I could enjoy late night giggling).  Only with my sister can I discuss theology, diva cups, and poetry in the same conversation.

Scott left us sleeping this morning to go boating.  It must have rained while I was away…