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The diva in my life

If you are a guy, go ahead and stop reading.  Seriously.  Stop.

It took me three months to work up the nerve to use the Diva once I bought it.  Each month, I would take it out of the little purple pouch and contemplate my readiness for this new venture.  Then I would quietly put it back into the little purple pouch.  Now I’m several months into the experience.  Let me say this:  It was only my love for the environment that kept me on the diva path.  I added up the cost savings of not buying tampons and well, it wasn’t super significant.  It isn’t that the diva is horrible.  No.  But the learning curve was steeper than I expected.  And I was mightily skittish about the process.  My imagination sometimes gets a little out of control.  I had a few vivid images involving my uterus and suction dancing in my head.  The first time, I had to call a friend to talk me through it (ok, more than just the first time).  Still, each month, I feel a little more comfortable using it.  Really, it isn’t bad.  Sorry about that image of suction.        

The diva:  one more tiny way to decrease my footprint and lower the amount of chemicals entering my body.  Check that one off my list. 

I was also excited to see a full page diva ad in Scott’s Outside magazine.