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And now a word from our sponsor

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Well, not quite–although if any companies out there would like to sponsor a family vaca…  

Really, I wanted to give kudos to our carefully selected chemical-free sunscreen.  I am super impressed by the way it performed on this vacation.  We spent full days on the beach; Norah rolling in the sand and laying in the surf.  We only applied sunscreen once before leaving our room and not an inch of ourskin was sunburned (except the parts we forgot to put sunscreen on–oops.  Don’t worry, mom, Norah was slathered head to toe; I’m talking about her parents).  I researched many sunscreen brands.  I cross-checked EWG’s report and Safe Mama’s cheatsheet.  I narrowed it down to a product I could buy locally.  I had no expectations of it performing this well!  It doesn’t even claim to be water-resistant.  Cue the music. 

Thank you Jason’s Natural for your amazing Sunbrella Mineral Sunscreen which is PABA-free and UVA/UVB-blocking.  A little went a long way.  And my test toddler put it to one heck of a test.  You have won a loyal customer.