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Gooseberries and Nesting

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I’m 37 weeks pregnant.  Needless to say, there are heavy matters on my mind.  I have a ton ‘o things to do and I’ve taken nesting to an unsafe level. 

<Pause>  Let me interrupt to brag on my husband and father who, under the influence of a melting-down, estrogen-crazed pregnant woman, have performed mighty feats of remodeling magic in my house.  They really didn’t have a chance when faced with a crying belly bump girl.  Thanks o men of my dreams!!  <Continue>

So, since my to-do list is long and weighty, I thought I would blog about small celebratory things. 

First, summer fruit:


Ok, I know.  Rhubarb isn’t a fruit.  But I celebrate it all the same.

Second, my salt cellar:


I don’t know why my salt cellar (and the tiny olive wood spoon) brings such contentment.  The small things, I suppose.  A bamboo box for the sea salt and the kosher salt.  What a thing of beauty.

The to-do list will be there tomorrow.  The extreme nesting will continue to compel me to do things like clean the hot water heater with a toothbrush.  Tonight I cling to my red currants and salt cellar.  But the end is in sight.   My queen-of-organization sister will come to my rescue.  She will.


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  1. Nesting makes me feel powerfully efficient because I’m normally so lazy. I don’t want it to go away! My to-do list is more than halfway completed. I won’t be cleaning the hot water heater with a toothbrush, but I probably will use one on our whirlpool tub. The baby could be born in there!

  2. Don’t fret dear sister, help is on the way!

  3. I think I’m having “rebound nesting” (I just made that up). Since Jack is growing so stinkin’ fast, I’m looking at the dirty corners of the floor and the crust just under the fridge with a new, wary eye. I feel like if I blink, he’ll be crawling.

    I hope you are feeling more peaceful. I will pray that your necessary but overactive hormones will be a bit gentler on you.


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