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NEW Hypnobabies Class (June/July)

I’m opening registration for my next Hypnobabies class.  We’ll meet Mondays from 6pm-9pm in Greer.  The first class is June 11 and we’ll meet for six weeks.

All materials are included.  The cost is 250.00.

Please contact me if you’re interested or have questions.  I have four spaces available in the class.  Email:

To be astonished

Let me keep my mind on what matters,

which is my work,

which is mostly standing still

and learning to be astonished.

–Mary Oliver

New Birth Story!

I added a beautiful birth story to the collection.  This Hypnobabies birth was with the new Greenville Midwifery Care at GHS.  It was mom’s first baby!  Get a kleenex before clicking over.

Upcoming Classes

I am teaching another round of parenting classes for Natural Baby.  This series is so much fun!  It covers everything I WISH someone would have taught me before my babies were born.  Please let your expectant friends know about the series.  They can sign up for the entire six weeks for 80.00 or choose individual classes for 20.00.  The cost is per couple although many students come alone.  Schedule below:

March 21:   Try to See It My Way (Infant Communication) 
March 28:  Breastfeeding 
April 4:  Now What?  The First Six Weeks
April 11:  Sleeping Like a Baby
April 18:  Having a Baby without Breaking the Bank 
April 25:  Parenting the First Year 
My upcoming Hypnobabies class is full.  I’m accepting students for the next open series which begins Sundays (5pm-8pm) May 6.  Email me if you are interested:  j_byers (at) bellsouth (dot) net.
I’m teaching a Positive Discipline Class for Toddlers and Preschoolers March 31 from 1pm-3:30pm in Greenville.


I have one space remaining for my next Hypnobabies class beginning March 22nd in Greenville

I have an unexpected opening for a doula client in April or early May.  I know I’ve turned at least 10 women away for this date range and I’m so sorry!   

I’ve also decided to add another birth in June.   (Contract pending–thanks!)

If you are still searching for a doula to serve you during your birthing time or you’re interested in Hypnobabies, please contact me at j_byers (at) bellsouth (dot) net.

ETA:  All filled!  Thanks for the love!

First Time Mom (Homebirth Story)

New birth story up!

Please do not call yourself a doula if

You leave a first-time mom when she chooses to get an epidural.

The doctor or midwife spends more time with your client than you do.

You charge extra when a woman labors longer than an allotted time.

You require the client to pay your back-up doula if you have to leave.

You charge extra for “false alarms.”

You are hired by the client but really you are the midwife’s apprentice/assistant disguising yourself as a doula (so that you get paid.). Of course, this is fantastic if you are truly working for the client. But it can be easy to focus too much on pleasing your preceptor and not as much on serving your client.

You tell the client you’re on your way to the hospital and inexplicably fail to show up.

You bring your children to the hospital and ask the client’s family who are in the waiting room to watch them.

You promise to back up a fellow doula but when she calls you have excuses why you cannot. And so does her other back-up. And even her THIRD back-up.

I am sure this offends some of my fellow birth workers and this post won’t win me any popularity contests. We are only human and sometimes there are unusual circumstances beyond our control. But these are real stories I’ve been told in the last few months by women and doctors/nurses who were disappointed by a doula. In my town. A place where the natural birth community is making headway in creating change. Scenes like these send us three steps back.

Birth is sometimes long. It is (usually) inconvenient. Yes, we don’t make as much money when we have to pay a back-up or a birth is long. But at the end of the day, remind youself that you also had some short births (I have many more now that I take Hypnobabies clients!) and scheduled births (thankfully these are rare). These births “subsidize” the long ones. Figure that factor into your fee. Consistently, at the end of each year, when I add up all the hours I spent at births, it averages out to around 12 hours per couple.

Please, dear doulas, stay with your client. Serve her well. We offer continuous care. What kind of message does it send when her doula leaves? Wow, my doula has even given up. Defeat.

We have been honored with an invitation to grace a sacred space. It is a timeless space. We do not punch a timecard. Our shift is not over until our healthy client is nursing her baby postpartum. This might be two hours after the birth or several weeks later. My summer client who birthed prematurely was finally able to nurse her baby after weeks and weeks of coaxing. Only now do I close the file.

I know it is a tough job. Burnout is high. Please weigh the cost of your commitments and represent your birth community with integrity.

And to the moms looking for a doula: read the contract carefully. The doula should list any extra fees and discuss refunds if she misses your birth. Ask how she handles long births and what her definition of long is. My contract, for example, states that after 24 hours, I might call in a back-up doula so that I can rest and return. I’ve never done this but my contract allows it if I must. Knock on wood.