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The Princess and the Pea

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Oh the drama of living with a two year old.  A few days ago, I was on emergency response duty for a piece of wooden swiss cheese that was stuck on Norah’s thumb.  Last night’s adventure topped the cheese. 

We were eating dinner.  Norah’s eyes starting watering and she had a shocked/glazed look on her face.  She was rubbing her nose and trying to dig for gold.  She’s had a runny nose so we thought it was just her sinuses.  After a couple of screams that threatened all the glass in our home, she said, “Mama, bee in my nose.”  I was all sympathy, “Aw, honey bear, I know it feels like there are bees in your nose.”  “NO, mommy, PEA in my nose.”  WHAT?  Scott ran for the headlamp and sure enough, we saw a flash of green up the schnoz. 

After I rolled in the floor laughing for a quick selfish moment, I dialed-a-nurse (aka, my mom) who told me sternly, in the face of my chuckles, that objects up a child’s nose was the number one reason for visits to Urgent Care and I could either get it out myself or expose her precious grandchild to the trauma of invasion at Urgent Care.  My seriousness properly restored, Scott and I brainstormed ideas for pea-removal.  We tried coaxing Norah to blow up a balloon with one nostril.  Scratch that.  We tried getting her to blow out a candle with her nose.  Scratch that.  We practiced sucking peas out of our hand with a bulb syringe.  Scratch that.  In the middle of Scott’s macgyver-ing a tube for me to suck the pea out and my googling “pea stuck up nose,” Norah said, “pepper” and then gave a giant sneeze.  The pea sweetly rolled across the kitchen tile and Norah grinned while chanting, “I did it self.”    

What a fabulous family bonding experience!  What did we do for fun before having a kid?