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If You Are Searching for a Holiday Gift for a Toddler…

I know I’ve written about playsilks before.  I’ve posted pictures and you’re probably tired of seeing them.  But I’m still amazed at how these simple Waldorf silks have become a daily staple. 

Here is a picture of Norah getting ready for “work.”  Notice she’s babywearing her puppy.  When I ask her what she does at her work, she tells me she plays with the children all day.  The secret irony of this scene is that her t-shirt reads, “I’d rather be naked.” 

Full disclosure:  Lest you think I’m some spectacular Waldorf mama, it should be noted that yesterday while playing in the beautiful dusky outdoors, I saw Norah doing something in the grass with her fingers. 

Me:  Norah, whatcha playing? 

Norah:  I’m blogging, Mama.  Here’s an email for you [she hands me a leaf].

And a few weeks ago, she handed me my white contact lens case saying, “Here’s your ipod, mommy.”

Technology creepin’ in.

Play Day

Today was babywearing day which is Norah’s big social event of each month.  The Clemson group lasted four hours this time!  Our spur-of-the-moment topic (great to have two procrastinators as leaders) was “How to Get A Baby on Your Back.”  There was much slinging and tossing of tots.  We made a new friend.  The hit of the Clemson group was Jackson’s tin of wooden pineapples

The Greenville group topic was “Wearing Your Podaegi” (because we all have a podaegi lying around, right?).  Carey showed us different ways to use the podaegi.  Kawani brought her boys’ playsilks and Norah brought hers.  playsilks-004.jpg

The kids ran about with various capes, skirts, togas looking like a blissful band of gypsies.  I really didn’t believe Norah would play with the silks.  In the astounding way only a child can be, she becomes incredibly creative with the way she uses them:  sling, baby, water, campfire, lion mane, hat, dress, hiding place.  I’m sold.        

Scott and I spent what was left of the evening with our new ritual–watching Heroes on Netflix and eating popcorn (made on the stove with coconut oil and sea salt–mmm mmm good).  I cannot believe I’m hooked on a TV series.  This is what comes of reading too much nonfiction.  I’m hungry for story.

Blueberries + smartwool + family = bliss

My sis and her new hubby journeyed from afar for Christmas.  They couldn’t stay long so we celebrated Christmas Eve last night (stockings) and Christmas this morning.  My sweet hubby planted a Sigg bottle  and TWO pairs of smartwool socks in my stocking.  Norah received playsilks and fruit leather but spent the entire evening brushing her teeth with her new electric toothbrush.  What can I say?  She believes in good oral hygiene. 


This morning, we gathered in mom‘s kitchen at 7am.  Zach made blueberry muffins, mom made a pumpkin cheesecake roll, and I broiled grapefruits with sugared grapes, cinnamon, and brown sugar.  And of course, we had gallons of blueberry coffee.  Norah received a Furnis Spielwelt doll and more college funds from Grammy/Papa (Yay!).  Noelle and Zach gave her an adorable enamel tea set in a picnic basket.  She immediately hosted a tea party.  The family buried me in books including Sex God, Simply Christian, Spiritual Midwifery, Children at Play, Last Child in the Woods, and Seven Times the Sun.  Scott and I were most excited to receive three windows for our dining room!  Yippee-skippee!  Norah received much more (you know–that first grandchild thing and all) but there is too much to mention–like the play kitchen and giant giraffe tent.  Suffice it to say that the toothbrush is still Norah’s favorite.  Go figure.

It was a beautiful day relaxing with family, cleaning house, and staying far, far away from anything resembling a store!  I even ended it by eating fresh blueberries.  Ahhhh.