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If You Are Searching for a Holiday Gift for a Toddler…

I know I’ve written about playsilks before.  I’ve posted pictures and you’re probably tired of seeing them.  But I’m still amazed at how these simple Waldorf silks have become a daily staple. 

Here is a picture of Norah getting ready for “work.”  Notice she’s babywearing her puppy.  When I ask her what she does at her work, she tells me she plays with the children all day.  The secret irony of this scene is that her t-shirt reads, “I’d rather be naked.” 

Full disclosure:  Lest you think I’m some spectacular Waldorf mama, it should be noted that yesterday while playing in the beautiful dusky outdoors, I saw Norah doing something in the grass with her fingers. 

Me:  Norah, whatcha playing? 

Norah:  I’m blogging, Mama.  Here’s an email for you [she hands me a leaf].

And a few weeks ago, she handed me my white contact lens case saying, “Here’s your ipod, mommy.”

Technology creepin’ in.