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Blooper #12 and #13

I added two new bloopers.

12)  At a homebirth, the mom was deep in her hypnosis.  I was pressing a warm rice sock on her lower back.  I looked down to see rice spilling all over the carpet.  It seems my stitches were less than precise.  I had to use two ponytail holders to twist up the split seam.  Thankfully, I remembered to remove the ponytail holders with their metal attachments before microwaving the sock.  Otherwise, this blooper would be more serious.  If I’m going to continue sewing my own rice socks, perhaps I should add a sewing kit to my doula bag.

13)  In my Hypnobabies class, we were discussing perineal counter-pressure.  At the end of the class, I reminded them of the birth rehearsal we would be doing the next week.  I mentioned we would practice positions, techniques, and counter-pressure.  Never noticing their uncomfortable faces, I continued on until a doula who was auditing my class (and had taken Hypnobabies for her own birth) interrupted, “What Julie means is we’ll practice counter-pressure on your lower BACK; not your perineum.”  There was a collective, “Whew!”  Right.  Different counter-pressure altogether.

At some point, I need to wonder if it is a savvy business move to admit to these blunders.

A Few of Norah’s New Things

We had a wonderful Christmas.  I’ve already posted about how important family time is to us.  I wanted to share a couple of fun new things Norah received.  And bonus…she didn’t receive any plastic toys this year!

img_7313Norah’s playhouse grew. 

I love that Plan Toys designed their houses to grow by adding a basement floor.  Or really, adding as many as you wish.  Her dollhouse also now has a gazebo and some pets.

To reach the top floor now, she has to stand on the table.  Which, of course, she loves to do. 

You might also see in the bottom left corner of the picture the Plan Toys bug balance game.  The object of the game is to alternately place a ladybug on the color circle rolled by the die.  Don’t let the ladybugs fall.

Not pictured–she received a clever Haba stacking game.  She loves to stack the animals (and also to change their diapers, put them to bed, take them to the zoo, etc).

img_73151The spotted dinosaur is a bank.  Norah is notorious for stashing our spare change in odd cubbies around the house.  Little packrat.  The colorful geometric shapes are really neat shape-builders.  Like wooden legos. 

I made a terrarium for her with moss and ferns.  Norah loves moss.  I hid a few wooden turtles and frogs inside.  She loves to mist her terrarium everyday.

“Norah’s Magic Medicine” is a salve made with calendula, local beeswax, essential oils, and more.  It smells so yummy. 

These gifts are resting on a beautiful earthy blanket that Norah’s great grandfather crocheted for her. 

Not pictured is Ribbit the Rice Sock.  What can I say?  She’s the daughter of a doula so she adores rice socks and asks for a heated sock for every woe.  I sewed a corduroy frog and stuffed him with lavender scented rice.  I think she has requested Ribbit the Rice Sock at least 8 times since Christmas.  And I’ve used him once!  Between the magic medicine and the rice sock, our first aid kit is set!