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The Economics of a Marriage

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An unexpected gift celebrating no occasion.


Results in an apple pie baked with all my love.


And I thought of your face that sweeps over me like light, like the sun on the apple making a lovely show.  So one seeing it marveled the other night, turned to me saying, “What is it in your heart?  You glow.” –Not guessing that on my face he saw the singular reflection of your grace like fire on snow–and loved you there.  –May Sarton

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  1. For the record, that pie was amazing!! Now, off to find another skirt (i’ll grab some apples)

  2. Aren’t marriage gifts for no reason great? I love ’em. Stephen does them often and I love it.
    Amazing pie too! Do you have any left? That wouldn’t last long at my house….Yummy!

  3. um, is that what it’s going to take to get some pie round here? spontaneous gifting? 😉

  4. Carey–there is a pie in your future. Have you picked up on my procrastinating tendancies? Scott moved up on the queue. I just made one for our electrician (which did not have the result I hoped–free work).

  5. my dad (owner of earl’s garage) is well versed in the art of pie bartering.


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