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A few new favorite things:

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We’re lately grooving to Elizabeth Mitchell and Lisa Loeb.  Elizabeth Mitchell, beautiful guitarist/ composer/ singer who formed the indie band, Ida, with her hubby, Daniel Littleton, sings the sweetest folk sounds on You Are My Little Bird.  With their daughter, Storey, they sing traditional songs as well as covers of Neil Young, Bob Marley, and The Velvet Underground.   Elizabeth Mitchell also recorded music with Lisa Loeb (remember her?).  Catch the Moon includes the most precious rendition of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” you’ll ever hear as well as a lovely take on Bob Dylan’s “New Morning.”  Shhh, I listen to them even when Norah isn’t in the car. 

Peter Cottontail brought Norah an interesting little book, A Ride on Mother’s Back.  Full of bright illustrations and educational tidbits, this book highlights babywearing around the world.  My favorite is the daddy carrying a net of firewood on his back and a net of baby on his front–all hanging from his head.  And I’m partial to the grandpa babywearing on a hunting trip in the rainforest!  Scott preferred the North American daddy trekking with the backpack carrier. 

My friend (she shall remain nameless–it was a secret mission) and I took a little journey to the continent of Ikea where I staked claim to the Bygel series.  What an incredibly inexpensive and uber-cool way to create some much-needed kitchen space! 

Finally, though I’ve never been a watcher of cooking shows, I have learned so much over at Cookus Interruptus.  Mmmm, mmmm, Cynthia has revived my love affair with collard greens.     

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  1. I need some of those in my kitchen as well. The shelf and counter space is just not enough. Everything looks so messed up and uninviting.

  2. That CD does look good. I might have to get it. I love playing music for Suzi (and sometimes, if no one else is listening, I sing). If she’s holding onto a table standing up she starts bopping up and down to the music, and if she’s sitting she kicks her feet in rhythm. It’s cute.

  3. I have been eying “You Are My Little Bird”. That CD has been in my Amazon cart for a LONG time. I may have to buy it. If you had to choose between that and “Catch the Moon”, which would you get?

  4. inexplicableways

    Well, you can’t go wrong with either of them. Personally, I like You Are My Little Bird the best. But I would pick Catch the Moon over Elizabeth Mitchell’s other children’s CDs (You Are My Little Flower). Or, you could download some of each on itunes…

  5. We love Elizabeth Mitchell.

    She has a line in one song about “golden lily” and I sing it to my own Golden Lilly all the time.


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