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Dear Super Nurse

Dear Super Nurse,

I smiled when I realized that you were going to be my client’s nurse!  Experience has shown me that you are something special indeed.  And this birth was no different. 

You never left my client’s side.  Unbelievable!  You didn’t go to the nurse’s station and monitor from afar.  I don’t think I’ve ever known a nurse who stayed in the room the whole time (except for a few quick births!). 

You were accommodating and patient.  You held the monitors in place–I know your arms were tired! 

You never suggested pain medication.  You gave my client confidence.                            

Your voice was quiet.  You didn’t “count to 10” with each push. 

Once the baby was born, you gave the new mama space to know her baby without extra distractions.  You kept the lights dim. 

A nurse can make or break a birth experience.  She can bring tension into the room or focus too much on “the way it is always done.”  Or, she can remember that this birth is the first one of its kind.  That this day will never be forgotten.  That the birthing woman isn’t stupid or without a voice.  That the birth partner is also part of the experience. 

Thanks Beth at Greer Memorial.  You’re wonderful!

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  1. Beth was also my L&D nurse and she was WONDERFUL! She helped make my birthing experience amazing! Just today, I described her to someone as “motherly”, exactly what you want in that situation. Love you, Beth!!!

  2. I want to be that kind of nurse one day! I am so glad there are good nurses out there. Women need them desperately!


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