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IMG_8871My first negative babywearing comment this time around:

I’m at the grocery store wearing a snuggly sleeping newborn in a moby wrap (as shown here by Scott).  A concerned citizen approaches me.

Concerned Citizen:  “I hope you’re not smothering that baby.”  (heavy emphasis on “hope”)

Me:  (chuckle) “No, I’m not.”  Great comeback, huh?

Concerned Citizen:  “Well, I hope not.”

I wish I’d said “I hope you’re not going to eat all the junk food in your grocery cart.”

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  1. all ive evergotten is “Aren’t you worried the baby will fall out?” Maybe i could say,”Yeah, but that’s ok, babies are tough.” or, how ’bout plain ole “yeah.” wonder what they’d say then? people.

  2. You sooooo should have said Did you Know that Junk food with smother your arteries 🙂 I had a clerk at the grocery store tell me that Preston look smushed and asked if he was comfortable 🙂 I kindly responded “well, if he was not, I think he would be crying ” 🙂 Oh the things people will say 🙂


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