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Norah’s Soapbox

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Norah on her future career: 

Me:  What are you drawing?

Norah:  It is a picture of what I want to be when I grow up.  I’m standing on a stage telling people how to have babies.

Scott:  That is called a soapbox. 

Me:  She is indeed my child

Norah on Noelle’s upcoming birth:

Norah:  I’m going to be the third person to hold baby Asher. 

Me:  Who is first?

Norah:  Uncle Zach.

Me:  You don’t think Aunt Noelle should be first?

Norah:  No, silly mama, Uncle Zach gets the baby out and then hands him to Aunt Noelle.  She feeds him.  And then it is my turn to hold him. 

Norah on her own birth one day:

Norah:  I sure hope you’re there with me, mama.  And I want Aunt Noelle to give me cups of ice water.  And I want my birth tub to be purple. 

After a playdate (with the midwife’s daughters):

Norah (whining):  Mama, it was my turn to have a baby but Tallulah wouldn’t let me.

Me:  Why wouldn’t Tallulah let you?

Norah:  Cause she said Clem had to nurse the baby before it could be born again.

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  1. Ohh, that is so cute! And I love that picture of her.

    Do they make purple birth tubs? I was thinking next time I want one like yours, because my whirlpool tub was nice but kind of shallow.

  2. “with the midwife’s daughters…” i love it. and the rationale. i hadn’t heard this story… adorable!


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