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New placenta prints

I was playing around with a placenta.  (You don’t hear that everyday). 

I decided to try printing one with green.  I think these might make for kitschy conversation starter.  Maybe matted and framed side-by-side?  Would you recognize it as a placenta?

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  1. Those are cool. I’ve seen some online done with several different colors of ink that are pretty, and I wanted to do one with Ivey’s placenta but we encapsulated it. Carey and Linda thought we could still do it, but just with the blood left on it and not any paint or ink. I think food-safe colors may have also been mentioned. We didn’t do it, but this time we might. Maybe I could then paint a little Robin flying away from the placenta tree…

  2. I love my beautiful tree of life!! Thank you, Julie!!

  3. Elizabeth–you’re so very welcome! It is fun.

    Jenny, I love the idea of a robin. Great name, by the way!


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