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Just in Case

Just in case, you don’t have a birth worker friend, here is a glimpse into our lives:

Middle of the night text:  Labor is beginning 

Birth worker brain turns on and begins the sequence.

Get up and throw a load of clothes in the washing machine just in case I need to leave early.  Norah will need her Artios shirt for school.

Try to go back to sleep while thinking through all the possibilities and scenarios.  Prioritize.

Next day:

Call my mother and ask if she can take Norah to Artios, just in case I’m still at a birth.

Text friend and ask if she can pick up Norah from Artios, just in case.

Facebook a friend and ask if she can keep Cedar, just in case this birth goes long.

Pack doula clothes and bag and place in car, just in case I need to leave from somewhere else.

Just in case I’m needed while we’re out to dinner as a family, drive two cars.

Pack a lunch for Norah just in case I have to leave quickly and won’t have time.

Pack two bags:  one for Norah and one for Cedar, just in case they need extra clothes.

Lay out clothes for the girls just in case Scott has to dress them before he leaves for work.

Fill up the gas tank, just in case.

Put Hypnobabies student phone number list in car just in case I have to reschedule class.

Pay two bills that are coming up just in case I’m not back by the due date.

Check the phone 50 times just in case I didn’t hear a ring.

When I’m still waiting 30 hours later, text, facebook, call, and email everyone again to let them know all is well but stay on alert, just in case.

We are a delightful people to befriend.  Go hug a birth worker today.  She’ll probably ask for your contact info to add to her list of people to call for help.  

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  1. Oh my gosh, Julie. You are so right! We have to have a circle of support 10 layers deep for our own lives and families while we are the support for another family. What a strange line of work, huh?


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