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The Birthday Girl

This introvert mama is thankful for a Wednesday with NOTHING on the calendar.  I’ve checked the fridge calendar at least five times this morning to make sure I’m not missing something.

Norah turned 7 on Sunday.  Seven.


She’s a cutie-patootie.  Full of creativity and questions.  She wants to be a “dolphin-trainer, architect, inventor” when she grows up.

My favorite gift was built by her daddy.  First, let me show you why he built it.  This is Norah’s bed:


I’m not sure where she sleeps.  And since she’s on the top bunk, I jump out of my skin when something falls out at night.  It echoes through the entire house.  Scott saved the day with this beauty:


Hooks to hang her headlamp, drawers for all those itsy things, and shelves!

I love it!

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  1. Love the shelf! Her bed reminds me of one of our favorite books, Tumble Tower.


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