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I think many people fall into one of two camps.  Either they view pregnant bellies as cumbersome bulges that should be kept under clothes.  These are the folks that would prefer not to see an 8 month pregnant woman in a bikini.  Or, they think pregnant bellies are powerful, beautiful features.  My husband falls into the second camp and thinks pregnant women are gorgeous and carry a certain radiance about them. 

So it is no wonder that he encouraged me to get a henna design.  I admit that I have enjoyed my new belly art.  And I’m certain I’ll have another henna piece done closer to birth.  I chose a tree–fittingly for baby Cedar.  The swirly branches curl all the way down and around one shoulder.  The incredibly talented, Erin Ernst, created the design.















Henna goes on black and then dries as an orange stain.  It lasts one to two weeks.

I think a henna session with Erin would be a unique baby gift for an expectant mama  Or invite Erin to do a henna design at a blessingway or baby shower–maybe inviting each guest to add a symbol or swirl to the expectant mom’s belly.  You can contact Erin at erinzyart [at] aol [dot] com. 

Erin is a new stay-at-home-mama in our area who is re-building her art business.  She also does fantastic face painting for birthday parties, murals, bellycasting, and more.  Send her some love!!


Did you miss it?

Saturday’s Blessways was wonderful!  We had a great turn-out of mamas and papas.  Earth Fare was such a gracious host location so we have booked the community room through June.  Earth Fare donated colorful organic baby socks for each expectant couple and brought in yummy baby products to test.

img_7717Erin did free henna art on all our participants.  She even did some henna on a nursing baby’s bald head!  I wish I’d snapped a picture.  I’ve booked Erin to henna my belly when it gets a bit bigger.  She would be a wonderful addition to a baby shower or mother blessing.  Erin is new to our community and is building her art business–she does murals, face painting, henna, and more.  You can contact her at erinzyart[at]aol[dot]com. 

Dr. Feiste was so entertaining!  He passed around a gomco clamp and talked about the science (or lack thereof) and history of circumcision.  He was a really interesting pediatrician–a great option if you’re in the Clemson, Seneca, Oconee, Anderson area. 

Natalie gave chair massages or (in my case) belly rubs to all the pregnant moms.  Natalie gives great belly rubs!  And Mary shared her two very different homebirth stories.

Don’t miss our next Blessingways!  Always the 4th Saturday of the month from 2pm-4pm.  In April, we’ll hear a positive hospital birth story and our topic will be Breastfeeding.


Because my husband has incredibly annoying incredible self-discipline, we will not be attending the Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF) this year with our long-lost friends Hippie and Rhonda.  Norah will not get to play with Jubal.  We will not hear outstanding music and we will not see beautiful people and art. 

We will be remodeling the dining room.

I will console myself with memories of music from last fall.

Hoppin’ Down the Bunny Trail


Today my mom, sis, Norah, and I dyed Easter eggs.  We skipped the artificial food coloring and made our own dyes.  I never liked chemistry class but this experiment was so much fun!  And messy.  I think I may have permanently dyed mom’s white porcelain sink. 



My favorite was an earthy green we got from mixing turmeric and boiled red cabbage.  We discovered a lovely blue from one of the concoctions–I think it was baking soda, beets, and red cabbage.  We wrapped one egg in red onion peels and dropped in hot water giving us a speckly tye-die egg.  Spinach and daffodils yielded a pale yellow.  We put rubber bands on a few eggs before dying for variation.  Norah enjoyed crushing the blueberries and spinning an egg around in the beets.  One note:  dropping a white egg in coffee simply makes a brown egg.  I already had brown eggs in the fridge.  Doh. 



“The Walt”

Norah has a new thing.  It surely has something to do with being a two-year old.  It goes a little something like this:

N:  “I want yogurt.”  (in a scream)

Me:  “Ok”

N:  “NOOOOOOOO.  I want applesauce.” (louder scream)

Me:  “Sure.”

N:  “Aaaaahhhhhh!  I want cereal.”  (high pitched panic scream)

Me:  “Norah, no big deal.  You can have whichever you want.”

She then falls into the floor in a rage.  The crying and hiccoughing just goes on and on.  It is pitiful.  It doesn’t change if I hold her or leave her alone.  She is inconsolable.   

It can be about anything/everything.  Where she wants to sit or stand.  What music she wants.  Whatever.  Scott and I have named it “The Walt” after Walt Whitman’s line:  Do I contradict myself?  Very well then, I contradict myself.  (I am large, I contain multitudes).  I’m having a tough time with “The Walt” and Norah’s largeness.  No matter how I respond (or don’t respond), it seems to make it worse.  It doesn’t seem to be food or sleep related.  I plan to read Your Two Year Old tonight for ideas.   

Meanwhile, take a look at Norah’s latest art.  Does this look a little scarlet letterish to you?  She had an entire palette of colors but only touched red and orange.