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‘Poo Free

Hi.  My name is Julie.  I’ve been free from shampoo for 17 months.  The recovery process from shampoo abuse took about 6 weeks during which time my hair looked, um, like I hadn’t washed it in 6 weeks. 

I decided to stop using shampoo out of vanity.  But others do it for safety.  Or, for frugality

Here is how it works for me:

I mix up some baking soda and water and keep it in an old apple juice bottle in the shower.  Before each use, I shake the mix.  I pour some on my head (yes, it is cold) and then scrub it into my scalp.  Then rinse. 

About once a week, before rinsing, I pour on some apple cider vinegar (ACV).  It bubbles in reaction to the soda and then I rinse.  The ACV takes care of any build-up and adds shine. 

I still use conditioner–I’m a curly.  But if you have straight hair, using ACV after the soda or even ACV alone may be all that is needed to soften, clean, and shine.

I finish with a quick rinse with cold water to seal the follicles.

Maybe once a month, I scrub a little brown sugar and honey into my scalp before the baking soda step.

My favorite hair help is a spray bottle I filled with water and lavender oil.  If my hair ever fills blah or if I don’t have time to wash it, I squirt on some lavendar love and it perks up.

And I never, ever brush or blow-dry.  No way.  Oh, and about that recovery process–depending on your hair, it can look crunchy for a period of time while it gets over the shampoos withdrawal.  Lavender water will be your best friend and must go with you everywhere.   

Want to know more?  Find full instructions, recipes, and reasons in this book.        

Of course, my husband, with his perfect curls, laughs at the lengths to which I go…