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Shot, smuggling zucchini into mailboxes

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In honor of picked-this-morning tomatoes and zucchini from my garden, I treated myself to my favorite lunch. 

This blending of flavors developed out of a mad throw-together of foods one day when Noelle was coming over for lunch.  The collards and cabbage are boiled for 4 minutes then rinsed with cold water and chopped.  I use the leftover water to cook the grains (I cheat–it is a 7-grain blend from Kashi).  I stir fry the greens in sesame oil and season with rice vinegar, sesame seeds, and pepper.  The zucchini is stir fried in water.  By happenstance, we discovered that fresh pineapple makes the perfect pairing for the greens.  Ah, the goodness from suave reptilian glitter.