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Charlotte Church and Ricki Lake?

What do they have in common?  They have both been singled out by the medical community as influencing women to have homebirths.  The difference?  While Ricki Lake was raked across the coals by the AMA and ACOG, Charlotte Church is being upheld as a role model.  In fact, the Welsh Assembly Government had a goal to INCREASE home births by 10%.  Welsh homebirths have, in fact, increased 25%! 

Isn’t it interesting that while American medical groups are making resolutions to outlaw homebirths, their peer group across the Atlantic are trying to increase homebirths?  And isn’t it interesting which countries have the best outcomes?  Did you know a mom or baby is more likely to die in childbirth in the US than in Europe (or even Havana!)?  

Doesn’t the AMA have bigger issues than the 1% of US babies born at home?