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This time in my state.

A nursing mom was told to go to the bathroom or cover up at Westgate Mall.  Read the story.  What the news didn’t mention was that the security guard called the police who actually made the grandmother go to the car to get the mom’s driver’s license so they could file a report!!  Did the police not even understand the law?  The mom was carrying the DHEC card explaining her legal right to nurse in public but the guard refused to look at it.  What an odd world in which we live–moms carrying cards identifying their right to feed their babies. 

I love how the newspaper article ends by saying the mall offers family rooms for nursing.  Who cares?  The mom can nurse wherever she pleases.  And, as usual, the newspaper is hosting a web poll asking if you are offended by a nursing mom.  Again, who cares?  It doesn’t matter who is offended.  She is protected by the law. 

ETA:  Please take a moment and email the manager of Westgate Mall.  The mom says that he told her she was “overreacting” and that the security guard was just trying to help.