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Witnessed at the Grocery Store

Why do you see the worst parenting at the grocery store? 

Like today.  Some negligent mom was loading up on one of her favorite flours which happens to be on sale this week.  I mean, I guess it was her favorite flour.  Anyway, so her kid (who looked to be a month shy of 3 yrs old) climbs under the cart on her hands and knees.  Again, this mom is just ho-humming it across the aisle–totally oblivious.  And her kid’s knees slip through the grate on the bottom of the cart.  You guessed it.  Kid is stuck.

Small towns love this kind of drama.  The crowd that gathered was quick to offer all sorts of helpful solutions.  One even suggested calling the fire department.  Strangely not a single grocery store employee offered to help.

I have to say, that kid was really cute.  She was saying, “I don’t need help, anybody.  It’s not very comfy.  But don’t touch me.”  

This mom clearly doesn’t deserve such a brilliant and calm kid.  I guess maybe 20 minutes passed before the tot was finally free.  She only yelled when anyone touched her.  Independent little thing was determined to “do it by myself.” 

Sheesh.  I hope that mom learned a lesson.  I would be mortified if that happened to me.  



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  1. You know what I think? I think it have been you that this happened to. Then again I’ve been wrong one other time in my life.

  2. Ummm… I was just about to say “Julie took a PICTURE of the kid?” and then it hit me. I am a little dense sometimes 🙂 I don’t think that’s bad parenting. Bad would’ve been if you spent the 20 minutes yelling “I swayer! Yew gettin a whuppin when we get home!” Unfortunately I see that kind of parenting at work sometimes, although not very often while shopping ever since I stopped going to Wal-Mart.

  3. Okay, that is too hilarious! But, Julie, you are the awesomest mommy I know–so gentle and patient!

  4. Geez, I was reading this thinking, ‘Wow, Julie must have had a bad day, she’s never been snarky about other parents before!’ Apparently I’m slow. If it makes you feel any better, I was witnessed allowing my 6 month old to lap up all the delicious diseases on the handrail of the cart I had plopped him in as I took my time selecting a pasta sauce. By a nurse, no less, who gave me quite a nasty look. Yet another reason babywearing is so wonderful.

    • I started using antibacterial wipes on cart handles. I think some germs are good for us, but decided those carts were just too much!!! Kids will be kids!!!

  5. i heard other people were even taking pictures.

  6. I like Jenny’s post…it made me laugh almost as hard as the actual blog!! 🙂

  7. One time, another parent at Target politely informed me that my not-yet-2-year-old son was STANDING in the seat of the shopping cart. I tried to calmly rescue him and explain why we have to sit and not stand, while trying to figure out how he wiggled out of the seat belt. Thank God for the other calm, understanding mommy who told me of the danger without judging me for my wandering mind. After all, what mom of 3 hasn’t had trouble watching the smallest who is “safely secured” in the buggy when the other two are free, while trying to find “coarse sugar” so that she can be a “good mommy” and make homemade granola for a snack? I suppose the old saying should read, “The road to the emergency room is paved with good intentions . . .”


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