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2.50 plus tax

IMG_8884That is what I paid for my favorite wrap.  I love when people stop me at the store to ask where I got “that.”  And I say, “Well, it is just a long piece of cloth!” 

Here is how you can make your own long piece of cloth:

  • Go to the fabric store.
  • Pick out some jersey knit fabric (I found it for 1.00/yd).
  • Buy 5 or 6 yards depending on your size.
  • When you get home, cut it in half vertically.
  • Give one half away as a gift to a pregnant friend. 
  • Now you have a wrap.  The edges of jersey knit roll so don’t bother sewing the edges. 

Seriously, I do not know how moms of newborns function without a wrap.  It is my number 1 ranked mom gear.   I can hold and bounce a fussy Cedar in my arms and she will continue to fuss.  But if I put her in a wrap, she almost always settles immediately into sleep and I can write thank-you notes or wash diapers.  Or blog.  The added perk is that after 15 minutes or so in the wrap, she is in a deep enough sleep that I can usually unwrap her and lay her down.   

Want to learn how to use a wrap?  Come to our next babywearing group or google instructions online.