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Move over ebay…new addiction in town.

I’m a tiny bit sad.  I recently did a household book and CD purge–loading the car and dropping my unwanted items at Goodwill.  Later, as I was wandering the disordered bookshelves of Goodwill, I thought….wow, no one will ever buy my books because HOW CAN YOU FIND ANYTHING IN THIS MESS? 

Enter Swaptree:  a huge website similar to ebay that facilitates free trades between users.  I create two lists:  items I have for trade and items I want.  Swaptree makes it so easy.  I even imported my Amazon wishlists with one click of a button.  Here is an example of my first listing.  I listed the DVD Twelfth Night.  I received a choice of 273 items (books, DVDs, CDs, and video games) that I could get in exchange.  If I decide to trade and the other user accepts my trade, Swaptree even gives me to option of printing and paying for a USPS mailing label with another click.  Or I can mail it myself. 

On top of that, if no one wants my listing, Swaptree keeps watching for a match.  And it will even facilitate three-way trades!  It is like for lonely books!

I love it.  I give things I don’t need to people who want them.  They give me things I want and I don’t buy them new.  Better for our consumptive world (not to mention fun!).  The only problem:  after my massive Goodwill purge, I’m not left with much to trade.  Maybe I can sneakily visit my parents and see what needs a-purging on their media shelves… 

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  1. Swaptree rocks. I agree. Infinite swapping of all your old media.

    One thing you didn’t mention is that you can keep swapping into perpetuity. Swap your old book for one you haven’t read, read the new one, swap it out again and again for free.


  2. inexplicableways

    Yep, I might need to cancel my netflix and maybe put away my library card while I’m at it.

    Nah, I’ll hang onto the library card.

  3. Ummm Netflix stays….how else will I satisfy my cartoon fix!

  4. So exciting! Going to check it out…


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