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Move over ebay…new addiction in town.

I’m a tiny bit sad.  I recently did a household book and CD purge–loading the car and dropping my unwanted items at Goodwill.  Later, as I was wandering the disordered bookshelves of Goodwill, I thought….wow, no one will ever buy my books because HOW CAN YOU FIND ANYTHING IN THIS MESS? 

Enter Swaptree:  a huge website similar to ebay that facilitates free trades between users.  I create two lists:  items I have for trade and items I want.  Swaptree makes it so easy.  I even imported my Amazon wishlists with one click of a button.  Here is an example of my first listing.  I listed the DVD Twelfth Night.  I received a choice of 273 items (books, DVDs, CDs, and video games) that I could get in exchange.  If I decide to trade and the other user accepts my trade, Swaptree even gives me to option of printing and paying for a USPS mailing label with another click.  Or I can mail it myself. 

On top of that, if no one wants my listing, Swaptree keeps watching for a match.  And it will even facilitate three-way trades!  It is like for lonely books!

I love it.  I give things I don’t need to people who want them.  They give me things I want and I don’t buy them new.  Better for our consumptive world (not to mention fun!).  The only problem:  after my massive Goodwill purge, I’m not left with much to trade.  Maybe I can sneakily visit my parents and see what needs a-purging on their media shelves…