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2nd Trimester

Food cravings:

Champagne (yes, seriously), grapes, strawberries, guacamole, oreos/milk, mexican food, dill gherkins, and lemons with sea salt


Rainbow Light Complete prenatals (giant horsepills), liquid chlorophyll, oatstraw/nettle tea daily, calcium/magnesium and chamomile tea before bed, red raspberry leaf tea a few times a week

Physical changes:

I have a little bump.  My nose is always stuffy–a pregnancy side-effect I remember well from Norah   

Hormonal Changes:

Ask my husband.  No, really I think I’ve kept it normal.  I do have a shorter fuse right now, though

Wardrobe Changes:

I bought some long flowy dresses.  They aren’t maternity but they are high-waisted.  I can’t wait for summer!  And I found some consignment nursing tanks and shirts.  Abby loaned me her bella band.  For the little one, Old Navy had a stellar sale on newborn clothes.  And I picked up some white onesies to tie-dye.  I also reclaimed my Baby Nest carrier (my newborn carrier of choice) from a former client