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It’s a Major Award!

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And, no, it doesn’t involve fishnet and a lampshade.

I won a My Baby Nest carrier and I tried it out with 1 wk old Grayson today.  The design is really interesting.  Two stretchy loops intertwined–like a figure eight.  The directions are simple and I admit it was easier to spread out the fabric than the Moby.  Today was sweet Grayson’s first time being worn in a wrap and he snuggled in contentedly.  We only tried a tummy to tummy.  I felt very comfortable being hands free with a 1 wk old–even with his mama watching me!  The carrier’s stretch was super supportive.  I’m certain nursing would be a breeze in this carrier. 


I also think I would like this carrier for super snug hip carries.  Hopefully, I can try it out at the upcoming Babywearing Group.  Norah is too big. 

Now for the parts I don’t love:  For bigger babies to be carried facing out or tummy to tummy, you have to break out a seperate piece–a stretchy belt.  The belt was not as easy to manipulate.  There is also no mention of back carries.  Now, I’m certain that advanced babywearers could figure out a way (there is always a way, right?) but you can’t beat the versatility of a long wrap.  And this could be a positive or negative:  the fabric has some serious stretch to it.  The stretch really grabs and supports.  I really liked that quality but if you don’t like the feel of a sports tank…you might feel smothered by this carrier. 


Bottom line–I like the design for newborns and hip carries.  I would not use it as my exclusive carrier.  If I were stranded on a desert island and could only take one carrier, it would be my Storch.  But if I had a newborn right now, I would use it along side my Moby.  And it might be the first one I would choose to use with a newborn.  You can easily put it on in bed without fabric getting twisted or tucked.        

Yay for My Baby Nest!


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  1. Interesting carrier. Btw, I saw your picture on the Storch site. 🙂


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