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This morning I find myself with nothing to do.  There isn’t anything left.  The nesting is over.  The honey-do list is checked off.  Norah is with my mom. 

I’ve wandered the house admiring lovely baby things.  Then, I grabbed some and took pictures.  Because, what else do I have to do besides sit on my birth ball and drink red raspberry leaf tea? 


 The tye-die is a muslin swaddling cloth I ordered from an Etsy shop in Australia.  Norah was a winter baby.  Cedar will appreciate a lighter muslin fabric if she/he should fancy a swaddle.  If not, it will make a nice blanket, play cloth, etc.  The gift certificates are for acupuncture.  Woo-hoo!  A postpartum treat for me!  The necklace is also for me.  I will wear it in my birthing time.  And that white diaper is a tiny bamboo bumgenius.  So super soft!!  I think I’ll wait for the meconium to pass before using that white perfection.  The black is My Baby Nest–a wrap I didn’t have until Norah was bigger.  It is one of the first baby carriers I’ll use with a newborn. 


More diapers.  Tiny newborn cloth diapers are irresistible.  I still shake my head that I have enough cloth diapers to completely diaper a child from newborn to toddler.  What a HUGE cost savings!  The two pants are wool longies.  Wool is the stuff when it comes to diapering.  The tiny blue diaper is also wool.  The heart diaper is the first one I plan to put on Cedar–lined with a fleece barrier to catch the dreaded meconium.  That little gray onsie isn’t new but I remember Norah in it–the outline of her full rounded belly stretching the fabric.  Sigh.  I won’t be using the baltic amber teething necklace or wooden bowl/spoon for awhile.  But I love admiring them!  Norah still wears her teething necklace so there was no hope of sharing it with Cedar. 

Pitiful, isn’t it?  This wistful wandering today.  I do have a massage with Natalie scheduled for this afternoon.  Bliss. 

In a final pregnancy update.  All systems are go.  My cervix is very nicely dilated and effaced–I’d call it at 3-4 cm.  My pressure waves (it is a Hypnobabies thing) are pleasant and picking up in consistency.  Honestly, as this baby keeps getting lower and lower.  I wonder if maybe I’ll simply skip first stage labor and go straight to pushing?  As I’m reading Hypnobabies birth stories, it seems like quite a few either go very quickly (birthing in cars and bathrooms) or miss/ignore first stage because they are so relaxed.  I feel relaxed.  I feel ready.  I feel birthy.

We’ll see.

2nd Trimester

Food cravings:

Champagne (yes, seriously), grapes, strawberries, guacamole, oreos/milk, mexican food, dill gherkins, and lemons with sea salt


Rainbow Light Complete prenatals (giant horsepills), liquid chlorophyll, oatstraw/nettle tea daily, calcium/magnesium and chamomile tea before bed, red raspberry leaf tea a few times a week

Physical changes:

I have a little bump.  My nose is always stuffy–a pregnancy side-effect I remember well from Norah   

Hormonal Changes:

Ask my husband.  No, really I think I’ve kept it normal.  I do have a shorter fuse right now, though

Wardrobe Changes:

I bought some long flowy dresses.  They aren’t maternity but they are high-waisted.  I can’t wait for summer!  And I found some consignment nursing tanks and shirts.  Abby loaned me her bella band.  For the little one, Old Navy had a stellar sale on newborn clothes.  And I picked up some white onesies to tie-dye.  I also reclaimed my Baby Nest carrier (my newborn carrier of choice) from a former client

It’s a Major Award!

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And, no, it doesn’t involve fishnet and a lampshade.

I won a My Baby Nest carrier and I tried it out with 1 wk old Grayson today.  The design is really interesting.  Two stretchy loops intertwined–like a figure eight.  The directions are simple and I admit it was easier to spread out the fabric than the Moby.  Today was sweet Grayson’s first time being worn in a wrap and he snuggled in contentedly.  We only tried a tummy to tummy.  I felt very comfortable being hands free with a 1 wk old–even with his mama watching me!  The carrier’s stretch was super supportive.  I’m certain nursing would be a breeze in this carrier. 


I also think I would like this carrier for super snug hip carries.  Hopefully, I can try it out at the upcoming Babywearing Group.  Norah is too big. 

Now for the parts I don’t love:  For bigger babies to be carried facing out or tummy to tummy, you have to break out a seperate piece–a stretchy belt.  The belt was not as easy to manipulate.  There is also no mention of back carries.  Now, I’m certain that advanced babywearers could figure out a way (there is always a way, right?) but you can’t beat the versatility of a long wrap.  And this could be a positive or negative:  the fabric has some serious stretch to it.  The stretch really grabs and supports.  I really liked that quality but if you don’t like the feel of a sports tank…you might feel smothered by this carrier. 


Bottom line–I like the design for newborns and hip carries.  I would not use it as my exclusive carrier.  If I were stranded on a desert island and could only take one carrier, it would be my Storch.  But if I had a newborn right now, I would use it along side my Moby.  And it might be the first one I would choose to use with a newborn.  You can easily put it on in bed without fabric getting twisted or tucked.        

Yay for My Baby Nest!