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4528_103119943956_513098956_2706741_1715001_nUnabashedly, I present a proud Norah moment.

I had a prenatal visit last week.  Norah is always with me for these.  She asserts her right to hold the doppler and find the baby’s heartbeat.  As usual, she was with me when I peed in a cup.  But this time she asks why.  I reply “it is to check that I’m not spilling protein into my urine.”  Oh, ok.  That is all.  No further conversation about it.

On Friday, Norah is with my parents.  My dad is getting a physical from a nurse for his new life insurance policy.  She hands him a cup.  Norah asks why.  “Um, your papa needs some water” the nurse says.  Norah very matter-of-factly states “My mom pees in a cup to check for protein in her urine.”  The nurse was quite taken by my smart 3 year old. 

She is fascinated by her body and how it works.  She asks some very difficult questions.  And I’m considering homeschooling her??

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  1. kids are great like that. MG corrected anyone that said Ella was in my tummy… she’s in mommy’s uterus. silly big people…

  2. That is hilarious Sal! Hurumph…waiting for you to post your birth story. When, oh when??

  3. Love this! yes, so much like Mercy. mercy was also fascinated with the pee in the cup. And so interested in the body and how it works that we got her a “mr. body man” she calls it for her birthday. You know…he has all the parts on the inside and is see through on the outside. She got a ot of other body related things! All the reason to homeschool if you ask me!


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