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7 weeks

When Norah was 7 weeks old, I returned full time to work. 



My brain did snap a little bit when I returned to work.  Ok, it snapped alot.  If I turn inward and dig a little, I can still feel that sadness.  The awful sadness of leaving her.  And I was blessed to be able to leave her with Scott who was a wonderful stay-at-home daddy.  And I had an incredible co-worker who kept me afloat when I had to cry.  Thanks Laura!  But it was still heart-wrenching.

I cannot imagine going back to work right now.  First, Cedar has not been separated from me for more than an hour.  Second, she is not easy to soothe.  She screams when put down.  She prefers to be worn or nursed and that is about it. 

So I’m incredibly thankful to be able to take her with me to teach Hypnobabies.  And I’m thankful to be able to take a break from doula work for a while. 

Speaking of doula work, I am booking clients for 2010.  Please contact me if you are interested.  I’m limiting my client volume and the calendar is already filling up. 

Random Cedar fact:  She almost always has a cow-lick.  Methinks she has crazy hair!

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  1. I agree. The thought of going back to work now just hurts! I went back at about six weeks last time, but just part time. The only reason I could do it is because Suzi was with my parents and not at daycare. Now I love staying home even though the girls give me a hard time some days!


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