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My Many Colored Days

Babywearing while eating = check

Dropping cereal on baby’s head = check

Eating cereal that was dropped on baby’s head = check

Babywearing while loading the dishwasher = check

Close baby’s dangling feet in the dishwasher door = check

Babywearing while pumping = check

Babywearing while going to the bathroom = check

Babywearing while sweeping, making bread, doing laundry = check

Babywearing while blogging = check

Change a diaper = check

Nurse the baby = check

Smile at the baby in the bouncy seat for 10 minutes = check

Babywearing begins again = check

What have been your more memorable babywearing moments?

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  1. Babywearing while stacking wood!

  2. Babywearing while using a public restroom, yesterday. Awkward and oddly empowering 🙂

  3. At least you didn’t have to use one of these, Katy:

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. That thing reminds me of cradleboards.

    Julie, this is so sad. Remember my whole fist-raising with Carey on babywearing? Ada won’t hear of it. Henry LIVED in the sling for 2.5 years. This chick wants nothing to do with it. She would rather be the sack of taters on my hip. Slightly frustrating. I wish I was back with you two to figure something out…I think I might attempt a back carry, though I could never get the knack of it with H (that would be Henry, not Horatio). We don’t use the bouncy seat or a swing…I don’t know about you, but in my arms is WAAAAAAY safer with a 3 yo boy and 5 yo mommy, I mean sister.
    At any rate, it’s good see that your Lovely is hitching a fine ride! Can’t wait to see more pictures!

  5. Holy cow, Julie, you get more done babywearing an infant and caring for a 3yo than I do with done with my 2yo in a week! You never cease to amaze and inspire me.
    I, too, have used a public restroom while babywearing (more than once). But my most memorable babywearing experience is actually going to work. I’m a sign language interpreter. Yes, I had a last-minute childcare slip-up and had to wear my little one on an interpreting job. She was too small to wear on my back (or I just didn’t know how yet, I don’t remember), so I showed up for the appt with her in my Moby D. We got a lot of comments, mostly positive; thankfully, she slept through the whole thing and everyone was VERY gracious about it. But the interpreter is supposed to be practically invisible. NOT very invisible with an infant in a GORGEOUS blue silk paneled wrap. Definitely memorable for me.

  6. I’ll never forget the time I hit Elly’s head after a babywearing grocery run. It was HOT out, VERY HOT, so I wanted to start the car before I got her out of the Moby and into the carseat. So I leaned in the car, started it, cut up the AC and on my way to duck back out I forgot about the kiddo on my back and WHACK!…head hit the car. Poor girl. We had many other accidents, I’ve just selectively forgot about them…this one I can not forget.

  7. Wow, we’re pretty mundane over here in comparison – babywearing while chasing Alex, babywearing in WalMart, babywearing while net surfing…

    Erik’s in the stage where he can’t figure out if he wants to be froggied anymore, so when his feet are out, I forget and he usually catches a toe on the TOP of the rocking chair (which is opposite to how I usually catch my own toe on it).

  8. So, I’m catching up on your blog. I missed a lot while I was away! This one made me laugh out loud! Love ya big sis!


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