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A few of my favorite posts over the years

My very first post:

The purpose of this blog–wow, why am I doing this?  I suppose it is because I have benefitted from other mom’s blogs.  They have graciously given me a glimpse into their homes and lives; assuring me that it is normal for a baby not to sleep through the night, that it is ok to sometimes still wear your pj’s at 3pm, and that it is a good sign that your toddler “nurses” inanimate objects–she will be a great nurturer one day. 

So, here goes…I’m offering a gift in kind–a peak into our life in all its fantastic energy.  We are a work in progress. 

And then some favorite posts:

When Norah got a pea stuck in her nose

The day my lost baby was due

Why I wish doulas didn’t exist

Living poo free (and yes, I still do)

Babywearing dinos

The time Norah got stuck in a shopping cart

So You Want to be a Doula

My sister’s guest post on modern day slavery

Adventures of Dr. Polo Shirt

Work Blunders

How to Prepare for a Hospital Birth

A very honest look at going from one kid to two

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