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Fun things that have happened in my house over the last couple of months:

♥  Cedar ate my contact lens.

I saw proof that she ate my contact lens when spraying her poop into the toilet.

♥  To Norah, I made the mistake of explaining “having your loins girt about with truth” as “putting on your truth panties.”  Norah is memorizing Ephesians 6 as part of her classical program.  I despise that she has to learn it in the King James Version because of such explanations.

Now Norah has “magic panties.”

♥  And yesterday I heard this:  “I have to be the special-est because I’m the one with the magic panties.  Cedar can’t be the special-est because she doesn’t even have panties.  And if you don’t give me the hippopatomus RIGHT NOW, I’m gonna throw trash at you!”

I heard these words because Cedar got the hippo vitamin and Norah got the lion.

  Norah has also learned a bit about Russia.  She tells me that Czar Ivan the Great put a gremlin in Moscow. 

And WWII.  She explains that the US dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki and “Hero She-Ra” in 1945.  She’s been loving old She-Ra episodes on netflix.  

♥  Cedar now speaks in sentences.  But she speaks Ewok.  I’m certain it isn’t English.  Very cute curvy tongue kind of talk.  It sounds like “duey, duey, oooo, phftt, phftt, phftt, leur, long, ohhhh, duey”

♥  During a stressed moment, I told Norah to give me some space.  She did.  And made up a song to entertain me, “Mommies are supposed to be nice.  Mommies are not to be mean.  Mommies do not need space.  They want to snuggle all day.  Mommies are supposed to be nice.  Mommies are not to be mean.  Mommies never yell.  They play all day.” 

♥  We removed the handle from the oven drawer under our stove because Cedar kept climbing on it.  After a few frustrated attempts, she abandoned the drawer.  Success!  After a few moments, she returned to the kitchen with a stool.  Now she can reach everything.  Fail.

  Another success/fail:  We discovered that Cedar loves fish oil.  Great!  DHA/EPA are good things.  But, oh the breath.  Oh the breath.  And, no, please do NOT nurse after taking the fish oil.

No dull moments.  Nope.  I long for them, though… 

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  1. hahahahaa! I laugh WITH you, my friend. only, you’re not laughing…
    I laugh with you, because I have a spunky one and a climbing one…I understand.
    dull. i live for Dull. I just sent Dull an email, requesting a playdate.
    classical, eh?

  2. I love these posts. We have a stool in our kitchen that’s really for Suzi to help me with baking and for me to reach things on high shelves, but Ivey uses it to get into trouble. She pushes it around so she can reach what she wants on the counter and in drawers, and I have to be careful not to turn my back on her while cooking because she might just pull it up in front of the stove. Cedar’s ponytails are adorable!

  3. oh my word – i LOVE the mommy song… so funny!

  4. Sigh. I love discussing parent fails. My biggest one was attempting to nonchalantly explain my c-section to Aiden in an effort to keep him from jumping on me after the birth. Naturally, there were many questions, but he accepted the information as just part of life and moved on. I do hope that Suzi felt the same way after he recently explained it to her during a preschooler discussion on Jenny’s upcoming birth. Sorry Jenny. FAIL.

  5. This post is too funny. I love the song. At least three times a week, my three year old comes up to me and tells me “Don’t be mean.” These are always at times when if he wasn’t my child I would probably start spraying curse words around. He’s right, I shouldn’t be mean, but sometimes, Daddy is being rude and Mama just wants to be mean.

    Cedar might like the Nordic Naturals Chewable Fish Oil. Liam calls them his fish balls. He loves them and they added a strawberry flavor to them so he never smells gross.

  6. So funny, Julie! I, too, love Norah’s song. 😉 And we say Parker speaks Furby, because he sounds exactly like those old toys. They really do grow up too fast, so enjoy these funny moments… we are. =)

  7. You always make me laugh. Even when I am miserable with the flu you can make me laugh so hard it starts a coughing fit. Multiple times. Ewok!!!


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