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Openings are Grand!

We’ve asked for one.  We’ve complained that our town didn’t have one.  We’ve ordered online and paid shipping fees.  We’ve driven to Spartanburg (and however much we love you, Mary, it is a long drive!).

Now it is here.  A natural parenting store.  In our town.  And it opens this week!

Come out of your hiding holes on Black Friday (or am I the only one who hides on Black Friday?) and visit Natural Baby between 10am and 6pm.  There will be giveaways!  And deals!  And lovely things to buy.  Things that are carefully crafted and sustainable.  Things that are fairly traded.  Things that are reusable (cloth diapers!).  Things that are locally made.

Come and see!

And while you’re visiting, tell Ady, the wonderful mama behind this project, how excited you are.  And give her your ideas for products to stock, free classes to offer, or ways to promote the store.

This is not simply another store.  It is an opportunity to impact parenting choices and support families in making mindful choices.  Ady wants the store to belong to the community–a place you can drop in to nurse a baby or let your toddler play while you catch your breath.  A place for gatherings like the monthly Babywearing group or LLL.  It is the new home of Upstate BirthNetwork.  Have I told you yet of this project?  Soon I will. 

I’ll be teaching a free Cloth Diapering 101 class on Dec. 11 at 2pm.  And the monthly Babywearing group will meet Dec. 9 at 6pm. 

Find Natural Baby via their website or on facebook.  And find it on Black Friday!

Join me tomorrow!

Greenville Babywearing group meets tomorrow night at Earth Fare.   Learn about different types of slings and wraps.  Try some out.  Show off a few of your own.  Teach someone else a new skill.  Learn a new skill from someone else. 

Drop in for specific help or stay to chat. 

We meet in the community room at the front of the store.  Dads and older children are welcome.  Expectant mamas and couples are encouraged to come and learn before your baby arrives. 

AND…bonus!  It is Family Dinner Night at Earth Fare.  Kids eat free.  So stay for a healthy dinner. 

6pm.  See you there!

The Sling Controversy

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You can read my thoughts on the CPSC’s recent warning against slings at our babywearing blog.

Phantom Kicks

Yeah, now that you mention it.  I am still feeling them.

View from the top



Googly Eyes


The things I googled today–

  • postpartum hair loss
  • “the language of the brag”
  • placenta teddy bears (because people have totally lost their minds)
  • postpartum hair loss prevention
  • acorn squash recipes
  • drops like stars
  • Great Lake Swimmers

Highlights of the day–

  • Celebrating with Natalie at her blessingway
  • Getting to eat a piece of cake by Makesha
  • Visiting with friends
  • Lunch with my parents
  • Eating crusty bread with butter.  Loads of butter
  • Having a sweet, sleeping baby tied to me
  • Driving 10 miles without Cedar crying (she likes B93.7 so I cranked it)

Lowpoints of the day–

  • Cedar screaming as I sat down to lunch with my parents
  • Crying as I unsuccessfully try to calm Cedar
  • Being jealous of everyone who doesn’t have a baby tied to them
  • Thoughts of simply driving away toward the mountains as Scott drove home with the girls
  • Listening to B93.7

My Many Colored Days

Babywearing while eating = check

Dropping cereal on baby’s head = check

Eating cereal that was dropped on baby’s head = check

Babywearing while loading the dishwasher = check

Close baby’s dangling feet in the dishwasher door = check

Babywearing while pumping = check

Babywearing while going to the bathroom = check

Babywearing while sweeping, making bread, doing laundry = check

Babywearing while blogging = check

Change a diaper = check

Nurse the baby = check

Smile at the baby in the bouncy seat for 10 minutes = check

Babywearing begins again = check

What have been your more memorable babywearing moments?

Different as night and day

IMG_8924Night:  Cedar is a dream when it comes to nighttime parenting.  She nurses to sleep around 10pm.  Then she wakes at 3am and nurses lying beside me.  She wakes again at 6am for more food.  And I believe her deepest sleep happens between 6:30am and 9:30am.  She does not have crying fits at night.  She only grumbles a bit for food when she wakes. 

Day:  There are Crying Fits.  She will not nap lying down.  So I wear her in the wrap which wears me out!  My body hurts after wearing a baby for most of the day.  I’ve tried to stealthily lie down and carefully untie the wrap in bed.  She wakes in a Crying Fit.  Our day goes like this:


10 minutes of smiley time in the bouncy seat

Crying Fit

Wrap while walking/bouncing for 15 minutes

Sleep in wrap for 2-3 hours

10 minutes of smiley time

Diaper change

Crying Fit



The WORST part is that she hates the carseat.  So I don’t want to go anywhere because my sweet baby will be screaming in the backseat.  And no, she will not take a paci.  So far.  We’re 30 minutes from everywhere.  Any tips for carseat peace?  I’ve tried white noise and rolling the windows down and different music styles.  I even tried Rush Limbaugh.  But then I was screaming.

I look forward to nights.

2.50 plus tax

IMG_8884That is what I paid for my favorite wrap.  I love when people stop me at the store to ask where I got “that.”  And I say, “Well, it is just a long piece of cloth!” 

Here is how you can make your own long piece of cloth:

  • Go to the fabric store.
  • Pick out some jersey knit fabric (I found it for 1.00/yd).
  • Buy 5 or 6 yards depending on your size.
  • When you get home, cut it in half vertically.
  • Give one half away as a gift to a pregnant friend. 
  • Now you have a wrap.  The edges of jersey knit roll so don’t bother sewing the edges. 

Seriously, I do not know how moms of newborns function without a wrap.  It is my number 1 ranked mom gear.   I can hold and bounce a fussy Cedar in my arms and she will continue to fuss.  But if I put her in a wrap, she almost always settles immediately into sleep and I can write thank-you notes or wash diapers.  Or blog.  The added perk is that after 15 minutes or so in the wrap, she is in a deep enough sleep that I can usually unwrap her and lay her down.   

Want to learn how to use a wrap?  Come to our next babywearing group or google instructions online.


IMG_8871My first negative babywearing comment this time around:

I’m at the grocery store wearing a snuggly sleeping newborn in a moby wrap (as shown here by Scott).  A concerned citizen approaches me.

Concerned Citizen:  “I hope you’re not smothering that baby.”  (heavy emphasis on “hope”)

Me:  (chuckle) “No, I’m not.”  Great comeback, huh?

Concerned Citizen:  “Well, I hope not.”

I wish I’d said “I hope you’re not going to eat all the junk food in your grocery cart.”