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A Mother-Centered Celebration for Me

My beautiful friends, sister, and mom threw a Mother-Centered Celebration for me.  It was so perfect.  While baby showers are fun and result in lots of presents for the baby, a Mother-Centered Celebration focuses on the mother.  It is usually spiritual and ceremonial.

IMG_8462For my celebration, guests were instructed to bring a small plant that would become part of my birth garden.  Each guest wrote a word or phrase to include with their plant; words like “center” or “relax.”  The plants are meant to surround me physically during my birthing time.

I was also given a foot bath during which each mother dropped rose petals into the water while sharing their wisdom.  The not-yet mothers present massaged my hands.  Yes, I cried.

I received a journal filled with wise words from my guests.

And finally, we passed around a cord–each woman wrapping it around her wrist–that was then cut to make bracelets.  My sweet friends will wear the cords and remember me until Cedar is born.  And I don’t think it will be long…

The food was exotic and yummy.  The amazing Makesha made a perfect cake and petit fours.  It was such a special time.  Thank you Carey, Abby, Noelle, and Mom for the celebration.