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Norah on the Oil Spill

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At breakfast this morning:

Norah (with wide eyes and much emphasis):  Mama, did you know something what was very bad happened.  The ocean BLEW UP.  Yes it did. 

Me:  How do you know?

Norah:  Mimi and I were going to watch sumpin on TV but the news was talking about oil in the ocean.  And THAT is important so we watched it.  And did you know that somebody’s son DIED when the ocean blew up because there was a fire.  And now there is oil going into the water.  It is very sad.

Me:  yes, it is very sad.

Norah:  Hey, I have an idea.  I know how we can close the leak.  When Daddy’s shoulder heals up, he can put on some goggles and swim down into the sea.  And he can take a pipe and put it in the hole.   Ta-Da!

(Photo by Tracie)