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Pickens Flea Market

I wanted to properly introduce my friend Abby to SC.  She’s from Vermont.  Nothing captures the layers of our unique culture better than the Pickens Flea Market.  Where else can you find old cobalt blue apothecary bottles and gorgeous stained glass windows on the same table with beanie babies, guns, and saran-wrapped meat?  

Today I bought some honey sticks, The Healing Foods Cookbook, Healing with Whole Foods, not-ripe-enough muscadines, yellowroot sticks, Yogi Bedtime tea (1.00/box!), and garam masala.  The trick is…you must look past the haze of cigarette smoke and fried pork skin fumes to see the promising treasures. 

Things we did not buy:  baby turtles, exotic chickens, boiled peanuts, plastic toys, eucalyptus plant, socks, squirrel feeder, or a frightening mole trap (I did get a mole trap demonstration though).