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Reminder: New Classes

These classes for new and expectant parents begin next week.  Links are now up for registration.  Please pass along to anyone who might be interested in attending. 

Natural Baby Parenting Series:  I’m excited to teach this series for Natural Baby.  Beginning Nov. 15, six Tuesdays of classes for new or expectant parents.  Couples/Individuals may register for individual classes or the entire series.  20.00/couple/class or 80.00 for the entire series (must be paid in advance).  6pm-7:30pm.  Here is the schedule:

Nov. 15: “Try to See It My Way: How Babies Communicate” (newborn behavior, birth bonding, attachment theory, soothing skills, and finding balance)

Nov. 22: “Breastfeeding” (initiation, physiology, common issues, finding help, returning to work)

Nov. 29: “Now What? The First Six Weeks” (care for mom and baby, baby basics, postpartum concerns, creating a lying-in, jaundice, circumcision, and vaccine choices)

Dec. 6: “Sleeping Like a Baby” (the normal course of infant sleep, nighttime parenting, circadian rhythm, and naps)

Dec. 13: “Having a Baby without Breaking the Bank” (creating a smart baby registry, DIY tips, cloth diapers, going green can be budget friendly, what is safe to buy second-hand, top toxic products you don’t need)

Dec. 20: “Parenting the First Year” (solid-feeding, safety, teething, discipline, learning through play, development)

Register by emailing or rsvp’ing on Natural Baby’s facebook page as events post.


My sister and I have a weird thing we do sometimes. We’ll email each other our latest google searches. It is a fun way to keep up when she lives on the other side of the world.

I thought I would turn my last email to her into a blog post. Hold on, folks, you are about to get a glimpse into the randomness that is my life.

CNN heroes robin lim
Teaching kids respect
Calf castration methods
Lewis and Clark stole a canoe
Rotovirus vaccine causes intussusception
Enwrapture skirt instructions
Nano particles in produce containers
Sample back-to-work pumping schedules
Jack schaap on women teaching men
Allergic reaction to tilapia
Allergic reaction to cantaloupe
Anne of green gables streaming
Benadryl dosage for toddler
Why does ipad2 camera look grainy
Teaching puppy not to bite
Yellow pages opt out
Electromagnetic pulse
Doing little girl hair knots
Pig orgasm why
Att versus Verizon
Woodstock handmade houses
Earthquake mother snopes

After looking over this list, I’m somewhat concerned.

Men of the Cloth

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I’ve taught five Cloth Diaper 101 classes since December.  Each time, I think…surely there won’t be any students left in Greenville who will attend.  And each time, there is a crowd.  Bring in some more chairs!

Yesterday’s class was no different.  Except the students were all pregnant for the first time.  And each pregnant mama was accompanied by a dad.  Perfect dad attendance. 

Not only that–some of these dads could have taught the class.  They had studied up on cloth!  I was amazed at their comments and questions. 

While we don’t get gold stars in parenting for using cloth diapers, I’m thrilled that so many couples in Greenville are making this environmental choice.  Each parent who makes the choice to cloth diaper reduces our local landfill space by over 2 tons per child. 

Well-done, you environmentally savvy couples!

If you’d like to learn more about cloth, the Cloth Diaper 101 class is offered every 3rd Saturday at 1pm.  It is free!

The Fair Exchange

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What:  A benefit for Noelle Slagel
When:  March 19, 9am-noon
Where:  Natural Baby, downtown Greenville
How:  Rent a space to sell your baby items or enter raffles to win wonderful gifts!
Join us as we say farewell to a local mama by raising awareness about human trafficking. Noelle Slagel will be returning to Cambodia on March 23rd with her husband and 6 month old son. Noelle will again be working with girls who have been rescued from brothels. Only this time, she’s a mama and needs to have a village of mamas supporting her.

We need your help to make this day a success!

We’re asking you to gather your gently used diapers, baby clothes, and gear to sell or swap. We’ll have a space for you to throw down a blanket and display your items. You keep your earnings and you’re responsible for all of your money and swaps. We suggest a 5.00 donation to “rent” your space.

We’ll also have raffle tickets for 1.00/ticket. Some of the raffles include a 1-hour massage by Blissful Massage, Henna Art by Katy, a free 3-d Ultrasound, and much more!

All proceeds from the day will go to Noelle. We’ll have info on how you can follow her journey and how you can get involved in local efforts to end human trafficking.

For parents who just want to come and shop for great deals, no need to rsvp. We’ll see you there!

If you’d like to reserve space to sell your stuff, please rsvp here or by emailing info (at) ilovenaturalbaby (dot) com.  We’ll send you more info as the date draws near. 

We’d like to make The Fair Exchange a semi-annual event to benefit other moms on a mission. But we will need your help!

Free Hypnobabies Script

I used this script at my Hypno-Doula Training Workshop last week and I remembered that it is free to anyone who wants to try it!  It is a script that can be used for any stressful situation.  “Relax Me” helps you create a cue word for instant relaxation and confidence when handling tricky event. 

Um, like when you’re about to blow up at the children. 

Click “add to cart” for the Relax Me script and when you checkout (again, it is free), you’ll receive an email with instant mp3 download instructions.

It takes about 25 minutes to listen to it.  The more you listen to it, the more powerful the effects will be.  If you fall asleep while listening to it, so be it.  Your subconscious will keep hearing the suggestions for staying calm and confident.

Upcoming Free Events

Greenville Babywearing Group  meets Thursday night (Jan. 20) at 6pm.  We’re enjoying our new home at Natural Baby.  Come to learn, try out a new type of carrier, or teach someone else.  Bring your carrier(s) and bring your baby.  Or if you’re pregnant, you can practice with a stuffed animal.  Dads are always welcome to attend!

Cloth Diaper 101:  I can’t believe how many people came out for this class last month!  So we’re offering it again.  I’ll show you lots of options for cloth diapering.  We’ll talk about poop.  We’ll talk about money.  We’ll talk trash (or lack thereof).  Dads need to come, too!  1pm at Natural Baby. 

Blessingways:  A Gathering of New and Expectant Families:  Join us for our monthly gathering. We’re meeting in a new place for 2011. When you arrive at Natural Baby, head toward the back of the store where you’ll find a comfortable lounge. Our positive birth story this month is Noelle who had her first baby at home with a midwife.  Our speaker is Ady Orezzoli, the owner of Natural Baby.  She will share her expertise on “Saving Money While Going Green.”

Pregnant couples are encouraged to attend.  New mamas and papas as well as experienced families are welcome!  Bring your babies or older children.  We expect it to be a bit noisy.  Hope to see you there!

A note about Natural Baby.  I’ve moved many of our events to this store because the owners opened the store, in part, as a place of education.  And they sincerely love parents and children.  Parking is available around the corner in the garage on Richardson street (credit card payment accepted) if you can’t find a spot on the street.

Some Favorite Things

Norah’s new nature shelf.  We’ve had trouble with Norah’s nature table.  Trouble that starts with a capital “C” and comes in the shape of a 16 month old wild thing.  For Christmas, Scott made a shelf to go above Norah’s bed.  Out of reach (for now) of Cedar.  It has a shelf on top and a string with clothespins for attaching feathers, leaves, butterflies, etc.  Norah had so much fun arranging her fall/winter nature treasures.  And the dead Hercules beetle that we are apparently keeping forever.   

The Jesus Storybook Bible:  Every Story Whispers His Name.  Oh my.  I had heard mama friends speak with such passion about this book.  I knew it would be good.  But this good?  I’ve been so frustrated with the Bible storybooks for children.  The stories are disjointed.  God is sending floods, kicking people out of a garden, sending plagues.  A cohesive story and an amazing grace are missing.  I cried when I read the introduction!  “You see, no matter what, in spite of everything, God would love his children–with a Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.  And though they would forget him, and run from him, deep in their hearts, God’s children would miss him always, and long for him–lost children yearning for their home.”

The plasma car.  There is such joy I never could have imagined in hearing your children play together.  Sorry Mom, if I’d known, maybe I wouldn’t have fought with Noelle so much.  The plasma car has given me hours of happy sibling play.  Thank you, Great-Nanny!  Too bad she doesn’t have a computer to read this. 


Our completed fireplace.  My husband was determined not only to make most of our Christmas gifts this year but also to complete our fireplace.  He built this thing of beauty from nothing.  It was an empty corner.  He built the mantle, installed the logs, carved the designs and centerpiece, cut the rock, stacked the rock, cursed at the rock, swore he’d never mess with rock again.  And he finished it Christmas Eve.  He is a machine.  Or a superhero.  Or maybe a robot superhero.


I’ll post more on some of the other gifts he made.  After we give them all out.  There are so many other favorite things I’m enjoying from sweet family and friends.  Mostly, I’m savoring time together while my whole family is living geographically in the same place–until March.  More on that later, too.

Buy Mindful and Buy Local

Today I wanted to highlight a local farm for beautiful gift ideas. 

Shoals Creek Farm

Lotions, soaps, sugar scrubs, and more.  I’ve also heard the goat’s milk is delicious.

Linda, the amazing mama who raises the goats and crafts these goat’s milk products, has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever encountered.

She made a diaper rash cream for Cedar’s bum.  It has been the only thing that has worked on her poor little bottom. 

I’ve also fallen in love with the natural vapor rub and the sugar scrub.  I hate using Vick’s vapor rub since it is petroleum based.  Yuck. 

I can’t wait to try some of Linda’s soaps next.  I’m going for Monkey Farts or Hot Apple Cider.    

You can buy the products online or find them locally at Rose Hill Plantation or Pickens Family Chiropractic. 

These would make excellent teacher or hostess gifts.  Or stocking stuffers!  Go check them out.

Repost–Mindful Gift Ideas

A repost from last Christmas.  Let me add the Global Girlfriend as my new favorite site.  Yumminess.   

It is a slippery slope when one begins questioning the origins of products.  I find myself wondering if the chocolate my child is munching was made with beans harvested by enslaved children.  Or if the Mossimo pants that look so comfortable were sewn by abused women.  Ok, ok, I know this post is supposed to be about gift-giving!  I’m getting there.  We all know the holiday consumerism is out of control.  Nothing is as antithetical to the spirit of giving than a gift that originated in injustice. 

This holiday season, could you incorporate fairly-traded products into your gift-giving?  Even if you substitute three department store purchases with fairly traded items, you will be giving back to our global community.  Or better yet, give a donation straight to the global community in your gift recipient’s name.  Now, let me tempt you with some ideas that I found easily available online.   

Cambodian Rice Bag:  Fairly traded and made from recycled rice bags. Most bags are under 20.00. 

Reusable Lunch Tote:  Fairly traded and includes reusable utensils made from recycled buffalo horn. 

 Ceramic Dragonfly Flute:  Handmade in Nicaragua by Potters for Peace.

Fancy Chocolate:  You can be sure that this vegan dark chocolate is not only gluten-free; it is also slave-free.

Yummy Coffee:  Available locally to those of you in the Greenville area, this coffee is sustainably and ethically grown. 

Recycled Tire Tie:  Spice up the tired out gift of a boring old tie (pun intended, of course).

Olive Wood Salad Servers:  Fairly traded and gorgeous.  Free shipping included for under 30.00!

Dancing Girls Mobile:  Made by the Teenage Mothers and Girls Association of Kenya from recycled can, wire, and beads.

Babywearing Doll:  Handmade in Peru by a non-profit organization called Inca Kids.  A handmade gift for under 20.00. 

 Soccer Ball:  20% of this fair-trade purchase goes back to the Pakistan community.

Hostess Gifts:  gifts from SERRV under 10.00.  I love the jackfruit cricket.  Maybe a stocking stuffer?

Puzzle Box:  this elegant gift might be a good choice for your boss, teacher, or pastor.

Mayan Coloring Book:  maybe pair this with some of these recycled crayons?

Once you’ve found that perfect gift, consider sustainable packaging options:

  • If shipping, pack with popcorn instead of styro-peanuts or plastic bubbles! Include a note that the unsalted popcorn can be tossed in the recipient’s backyard for the birds to enjoy.
  • Box up your gifts in seeded packaging.  These boxes are made with wildflower seeds and can be planted for a gift that lasts.  You can even send seeded holiday cards that can be planted!
  • Skip wrapping paper and use fabric scraps, newspaper, old maps, or reuse gift bags.   Kitchen towels, organic baby blankets, or fair-trade scarf make excellent wraps. 
  • Wrap the gift in a reusable sandwich bag or larger gifts in a resuable shopping bag. 
  • Try wrapping gifts without tape (which is usually petroleum-based).  Use twine or yarn and creative folds to keep your gift bound.
  • Instead of a bow, use pinecones, holly, or even a CFL bulb.

How do you incorporate green or ethical choices into your holidays?

Free Class!

I’m teaching Cloth Diapering 101 at Natural Baby on Dec. 11 at 2pm.  The class will last about an hour.  We’ll look at lots of examples of cloth diapering choices and systems.  And, of course, I’ll talk about poop.  What would a cloth diaper class be without a thorough discussion of dealing with the poopies?

Join us!  No need to rsvp.  Little ones are welcome.  I encourage dads to attend. 

Email me if you have questions:  j_byers (at) bellsouth (dot) net.