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THE breastfeeding podcast

Caryn–this post is partly a response to your request for milk supply musings.  Enjoy! 

Diana West, IBCLC, is my breastfeeding guru.  She wrote the book Defining Your Own Success and co-authored The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk.  She created a website for women who are breastfeeding after breast reduction surgery and a website for low milk supply.

Last year, I listened to a two-part podcast of Diana West discussing milk supply issues.  I listened to it again this weekend and remembered how wonderful it is!  She begins with a concise explanation of the biology of feeding before jumping into the specifics of galactagogues and treatment plans for problems.  While most women will not experience a biological or surgical supply issue, many women do find themselves with low or dwindling supply due to a lack of understanding about breastfeeding. 

I recommend this podcast for moms-to-be, nursing moms, and birth professionals.  It is free to listen online or download via the Motherwear Breastfeeding Podcasts on itunes.

One of these women

I love this breastfeeding ad from Scotland.  Would an ad like this one ever run on American TV? 

This one from Australia is wonderful, too!

We did have a fantastic breastfeeding campaign here in the states but it was never launched.  The US Dept of Health tried but the ads were squashed by political pressure and a powerful pharmaceutical lobby.  Here is an example of one of the commercials:

A Perfect Posterior

I had a rather unusual birth recently.  A speedy birth.  Four hours, in fact.  The client arrived at the hospital at 9cm and had a baby an hour later.  So what was unusual about this birth?  The baby was posterior; born facing the sky.  And none of us had any idea that was coming. 

Usually the first clue that a baby is posterior is long labor or prolonged pushing.  Or back labor.  My client had none of these.  Her body must like posterior babies.  Some women have an anthropoid pelvis (oblong) and handle posterior babies with ease.  She pushed for only 40 minutes in the hospital “curl around yourself” semi-sitting position.  I imagine this length would have been even shorter if she had been vertical or on hands and knees. 

My favorite part about this birth is that the baby latched on 5 minutes after birth and remained actively nursing for 20 minutes.  It was beautiful.  I am so proud of this strong woman who handled a hard, fast labor with ease.


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This time in my state.

A nursing mom was told to go to the bathroom or cover up at Westgate Mall.  Read the story.  What the news didn’t mention was that the security guard called the police who actually made the grandmother go to the car to get the mom’s driver’s license so they could file a report!!  Did the police not even understand the law?  The mom was carrying the DHEC card explaining her legal right to nurse in public but the guard refused to look at it.  What an odd world in which we live–moms carrying cards identifying their right to feed their babies. 

I love how the newspaper article ends by saying the mall offers family rooms for nursing.  Who cares?  The mom can nurse wherever she pleases.  And, as usual, the newspaper is hosting a web poll asking if you are offended by a nursing mom.  Again, who cares?  It doesn’t matter who is offended.  She is protected by the law. 

ETA:  Please take a moment and email the manager of Westgate Mall.  The mom says that he told her she was “overreacting” and that the security guard was just trying to help.  

The Absurd

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Today’s absurdities:

  • The “Breastfeeding Resources” kit given to expectant moms, grandmoms, and anyone in the vicinity by Enfamil (my neighbor table at the Seneca Baby Fair).  The boxes of 1st Trimester Gift Packs stacked several feet against a back wall.
  • A flyer from Bi-Lo titled “Make Mother’s Day Memorable” advertising tampons, deodorant, dish detergent, dog food, and potato chips.  The outside flap claims “Great Ideas for Mother’s Day” showcasing personal lubricant, hair coloring, shaving gel, more deodorant, and acne cream.
  • A NICU nursery insistent on giving a very newborn formula because the mom’s pumped colostrum is “not nearly enough.”
  • My wearing of a baby doll all morning at the baby fair and the La Leche League leader who borrowed said doll for her breastfeeding demo.  At least the baby was attached and well-fed.

Ah but there was beauty today, too–sweet friends who joined me at the Enfamil Fair, ahem, I mean, Baby Fair.  Kelly, Jenny, and Denise made the time pass quickly.  Kelly’s sweet sleeping 30lb’er in the ring sling was excellent marketing!  And Jenny kept changing carriers–she was like a runway model for babywearing.  A lovely newborn nursery RN who took all my babywearing fliers to give to her moms and wished for slings at the hospital.  And my amazing husband who took his daughter and his mom on a breakfast date to Panera, caulked the shower, washed my car, and watered my garden.  But the highlight of the day–a family nap with daughter snuggled between us and the beginnings of rain watering my garden…again.     

Who is this woman?

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Today, having joined other moms at the monthly Cloth Diapering Group to discuss laundry issues and while sharing a cup of organic green tea with agave nectar with my daughter, I wondered…who is this woman?  I once lived off ramen noodles and spent days reading fiction.   

Words overheard at the mom’s group:  poop, growing so fast, amber teething necklace, child-directed, attachment parenting, meltdown, basal temp, environment, your child escaped, sleep, no, raising our children, bamboo, how often do you wash, discipline, microfiber, love and anger, potty, ovulation, mommy’s milk, babylegs, be gentle, odor, odor-remover, nursed all night, share your toys, see you next month. 

My husband asked me last night:  Do you ever think of anything except breasts? 

I had mentioned that stem cells have been found in breastmilk.       

Again, who is this strange woman? 

I like her.

Midnight Arrival

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Long Drive.

Strong Mama.

Great Music.

15 Minutes of Pushing.

Healthy Baby.

Immediate Breastfeeding.

Long Drive.

Tired Happy Doula.