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Babywearing Benefit #503

Babywearing will keep your little carnivore close while on the Great Migration.   

Scott and I found this herd while we were making breakfast this morning.  Norah rigged up her headbands as slings so that the daddy and mama could carry their baby dinosaurs.  Real Sharptooths wear babies!

ETA Aug 31:  We found this back-carrying dino this morning.  She used a ponytail. 

The Absurd

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Today’s absurdities:

  • The “Breastfeeding Resources” kit given to expectant moms, grandmoms, and anyone in the vicinity by Enfamil (my neighbor table at the Seneca Baby Fair).  The boxes of 1st Trimester Gift Packs stacked several feet against a back wall.
  • A flyer from Bi-Lo titled “Make Mother’s Day Memorable” advertising tampons, deodorant, dish detergent, dog food, and potato chips.  The outside flap claims “Great Ideas for Mother’s Day” showcasing personal lubricant, hair coloring, shaving gel, more deodorant, and acne cream.
  • A NICU nursery insistent on giving a very newborn formula because the mom’s pumped colostrum is “not nearly enough.”
  • My wearing of a baby doll all morning at the baby fair and the La Leche League leader who borrowed said doll for her breastfeeding demo.  At least the baby was attached and well-fed.

Ah but there was beauty today, too–sweet friends who joined me at the Enfamil Fair, ahem, I mean, Baby Fair.  Kelly, Jenny, and Denise made the time pass quickly.  Kelly’s sweet sleeping 30lb’er in the ring sling was excellent marketing!  And Jenny kept changing carriers–she was like a runway model for babywearing.  A lovely newborn nursery RN who took all my babywearing fliers to give to her moms and wished for slings at the hospital.  And my amazing husband who took his daughter and his mom on a breakfast date to Panera, caulked the shower, washed my car, and watered my garden.  But the highlight of the day–a family nap with daughter snuggled between us and the beginnings of rain watering my garden…again.     

A few new favorite things:

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We’re lately grooving to Elizabeth Mitchell and Lisa Loeb.  Elizabeth Mitchell, beautiful guitarist/ composer/ singer who formed the indie band, Ida, with her hubby, Daniel Littleton, sings the sweetest folk sounds on You Are My Little Bird.  With their daughter, Storey, they sing traditional songs as well as covers of Neil Young, Bob Marley, and The Velvet Underground.   Elizabeth Mitchell also recorded music with Lisa Loeb (remember her?).  Catch the Moon includes the most precious rendition of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” you’ll ever hear as well as a lovely take on Bob Dylan’s “New Morning.”  Shhh, I listen to them even when Norah isn’t in the car. 

Peter Cottontail brought Norah an interesting little book, A Ride on Mother’s Back.  Full of bright illustrations and educational tidbits, this book highlights babywearing around the world.  My favorite is the daddy carrying a net of firewood on his back and a net of baby on his front–all hanging from his head.  And I’m partial to the grandpa babywearing on a hunting trip in the rainforest!  Scott preferred the North American daddy trekking with the backpack carrier. 

My friend (she shall remain nameless–it was a secret mission) and I took a little journey to the continent of Ikea where I staked claim to the Bygel series.  What an incredibly inexpensive and uber-cool way to create some much-needed kitchen space! 

Finally, though I’ve never been a watcher of cooking shows, I have learned so much over at Cookus Interruptus.  Mmmm, mmmm, Cynthia has revived my love affair with collard greens.     

It’s a Major Award!

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And, no, it doesn’t involve fishnet and a lampshade.

I won a My Baby Nest carrier and I tried it out with 1 wk old Grayson today.  The design is really interesting.  Two stretchy loops intertwined–like a figure eight.  The directions are simple and I admit it was easier to spread out the fabric than the Moby.  Today was sweet Grayson’s first time being worn in a wrap and he snuggled in contentedly.  We only tried a tummy to tummy.  I felt very comfortable being hands free with a 1 wk old–even with his mama watching me!  The carrier’s stretch was super supportive.  I’m certain nursing would be a breeze in this carrier. 


I also think I would like this carrier for super snug hip carries.  Hopefully, I can try it out at the upcoming Babywearing Group.  Norah is too big. 

Now for the parts I don’t love:  For bigger babies to be carried facing out or tummy to tummy, you have to break out a seperate piece–a stretchy belt.  The belt was not as easy to manipulate.  There is also no mention of back carries.  Now, I’m certain that advanced babywearers could figure out a way (there is always a way, right?) but you can’t beat the versatility of a long wrap.  And this could be a positive or negative:  the fabric has some serious stretch to it.  The stretch really grabs and supports.  I really liked that quality but if you don’t like the feel of a sports tank…you might feel smothered by this carrier. 


Bottom line–I like the design for newborns and hip carries.  I would not use it as my exclusive carrier.  If I were stranded on a desert island and could only take one carrier, it would be my Storch.  But if I had a newborn right now, I would use it along side my Moby.  And it might be the first one I would choose to use with a newborn.  You can easily put it on in bed without fabric getting twisted or tucked.        

Yay for My Baby Nest!


Today’s Lessons

  • Cloth wet wipes freeze into a solid brick when left in a car on a cold night.
  • Bad books at consignment stores must be purchased.  My husband needs good fire-starter.
  • I can spend too much money when Norah is asleep on my back and I’m wandering around a store for an hour and a half because I don’t want to wake her up to put her in the car.
  • My niece, Ryleigh, has the most twinkly (or is it “twinkliest?”) eyes on the planet. 
  • Husbands are oh-so-handy for repairing chair legs and opening wine bottles when someone breaks the corkscrew in the cork.  And, had to add one more–just in–finding creative ways to conserve energy in the house.        
  • Baskets make fabulous roller skates.


To the unknown woman in the parking lot: a public apology

Granted, um, she probably doesn’t read my blog.  Still. 

Today at the mega-store-which-shall-remain-unnamed (it was the closest place to buy printer ink), I saw a mom in the parking lot.  She was parked next to me.  I had Norah wrapped on my back.  She was juggling two small children and leaning into her car to pull out an infant in a carseat carrier. 

I commented on her adorable son who was wearing a superhero costume complete with cape.  Very snazzy.   

She commented on my wrap.  Very clever. 

I said something stupid like, “Looks like you could use one.  Those things are so heavy to lug around.”  Why?  Why did I feel the need to say that?  Why didn’t I go get a shopping cart for her instead?  I had been working on babywearing pros all day in preparation for my Babywearing 101 class tonight and it warped my brain or something.  I am sorry.  I am an idiot. 

If you see her, please tell her, ok?  

Play Day

Today was babywearing day which is Norah’s big social event of each month.  The Clemson group lasted four hours this time!  Our spur-of-the-moment topic (great to have two procrastinators as leaders) was “How to Get A Baby on Your Back.”  There was much slinging and tossing of tots.  We made a new friend.  The hit of the Clemson group was Jackson’s tin of wooden pineapples

The Greenville group topic was “Wearing Your Podaegi” (because we all have a podaegi lying around, right?).  Carey showed us different ways to use the podaegi.  Kawani brought her boys’ playsilks and Norah brought hers.  playsilks-004.jpg

The kids ran about with various capes, skirts, togas looking like a blissful band of gypsies.  I really didn’t believe Norah would play with the silks.  In the astounding way only a child can be, she becomes incredibly creative with the way she uses them:  sling, baby, water, campfire, lion mane, hat, dress, hiding place.  I’m sold.        

Scott and I spent what was left of the evening with our new ritual–watching Heroes on Netflix and eating popcorn (made on the stove with coconut oil and sea salt–mmm mmm good).  I cannot believe I’m hooked on a TV series.  This is what comes of reading too much nonfiction.  I’m hungry for story.